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Venture into Florida’s protected wilderness for a ride like no other. Upon arrival at our Everglades outpost, you’ll climb aboard a private airboat. Propelled by a powerful fan, you’ll find yourself skimming atop the “Sea of Grass” to encounter unusual plants, birds and other animals indigenous to this area.
Both informative and fun, this tour offers a front row seat to one of the world’s most unique eco-systems. As your guide shares one amazing fact after another, what initially seemed to be a mass of water and overgrowth is recognized as an intricate balance of nature crucial to the entire state.
And don’t think we forgot about the gators! You’ll see plenty of these “Kings & Queens” of the Everglades as your guide points them out in their natural habitat. Aside from your tour, you’ll be treated to a gator show, a fun up-close look at these cantankerous creatures!

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