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Miami’s Newest Group Dining Destinations in Fall 2021

If you've experienced Miami's culinary scene, you know there's no shortage of options for excellent cuisine set within virtually any environment to suit your mood. When bringing a large group to the table, it's essential to dig deeper than the atmosphere to ensure an excellent night out for your clients, executives or colleagues and nobody knows the importance of pairing cuisine with capability better than your local Destination Management (DMC) or event production company. With corporate events making a strong return, savvy planners turn only to the best.

Food on table in restaurant, Miami Florida

Working from their intimate knowledge of the region and leveraging connections with local talent, destination dining has come back strong in South Florida. See how Firebrand returns clients to satisfying dining experiences (without compromising safety), and explore this list of the top dining destinations in Miami.

Best New Dining Destinations in Miami (2021)

There are many wonderful spots for a quick bite or a full course of meals in South Florida, and each year new opportunities present themselves for our most excellent restaurants to become venues for successful corporate events.

By partnering with a local destination management or event production company that knows these exceptional restaurants—you can create an event that stimulates the senses as well as a passion for business success.

Here are our top four picks for the most exciting and tantalizing new dining destinations in Miami. Take a look at what they offer and see if what you sample strikes your liking for a future corporate event.


Carbone Restaurant interior, Miami, Florida

Carbone is not known merely in Miami; it is known globally. An Italian-American restaurant devoted to the most exquisite, it began when Mario Carbone and two partners set out to bring technique, sophistication, and entertainment to the table.

Having experimented with delis and sandwich shops, the three partners have created a restaurant that makes others seem dry—even uninspired. Diners and critics have celebrated the restaurant and its concepts for over a decade as it has slowly expanded from Manhattan toward Vegas and now South Florida.

From dishes to details, Carbone attends to excellence by seasoning everything with the highest level of taste. See elegance mix with red sauces, scampi, and ravioli; then, explore their cocktail selection and imagine a corporate event that elevates.

Carbone suits those planning and coordinating corporate events that need the edge of an esteemed establishment, If you’re seeking an opulent and yet hearty dining experience in Miami, Carbone has the table (or tables) to reserve.


Restaurant interior Mila, South Beach, Miami, Florida

MILA merges worlds. The secret to its elegance exists partly in its being a masterful restaurant, partly in its rooftop, mixology bar, and partly in muddling all these elements into a culinary journey that spans from Greece to Tokyo. The unique MediterrAsian flavor brings something fresh and exciting to the Miami event seen.

Including glamor, vibrance, and atmosphere, the minds at MILA has left no detail to chance with its natural and minimal approach to stimulating the eye as its dishes entice with rich, fecund flavors. The restaurant serves its 13,000 sq. ft. bohemian chic space with joy, and its ambiance flirts with every guest.

Plate to plate, event to event—MILA pairs the corporate energy of seeking the best, the brightest, and the richest experiences with a playful, traveled approach to dining. When they enter the space, our clients feel its energy buzz up their event.

Sometimes corporate events aren’t simply about the best food and wine. They are also about the fresh feeling of a fashionable space with room for experimentation, and MILA exudes this flavor of the unforgettable.

Oasis Wynwood

Restaurant interior Oasis, Wynwood, Florida

Oasis Wynwood promises relief from the woes of the city with a luxuriant courtyard and cultural center. Bringing an aesthetic sensibility to an outdoor setting, Oasis Wynwood delivers a rare focus on the arts, local programming, and even pop-up retail from the many impressive artisans who call Miami home.

Inside, it features a melange of destinations for guests and clients to choose from as they create their own fantasy of food, entertainment, art, drink, and live performance. To say the selection is diverse, eclectic, different—it’s simply not enough. In actual fact, these combinations are unique, one-of-a-kind, and can only be experienced once.

Oasis collides the savory with the beautiful, the artistic with the musical, and the local with the traveled. The result is a private venue that transcends the usual, the expected, and the understood. For the corporate event, it’s expansive.

A corporate event needs space to extend possibilities—to push expectations and exceed past engagement. If your goal this year is to ensnare your audience with a memorable, authentic event, consider Oasis Wynwood.

La Tropical

Restaurant interior La Tropical, Miami, Florida

La Tropical began simply as a brewing company, a few acres, and a baseball stadium in Cuba. In Miami, the Cerveceria La Tropical continues to carry its family history, its name, and its belief in daring to dedicate your life to the achievement of your dreams. It’s a mission and testament that many corporate event planners can resonate with.

Among lush outdoor spaces with performance space and a tasting room fit for the most seasoned beer sampler—La Tropical hosts brewery tours, shows, food, and even a little bit of swag. You’ll find plenty to enjoy as you weave in and out of its comfortable, more relaxed spaces enjoying a touch of music and foam on your lips.

Like others on this list, La Tropical succeeds as a great dining destination for corporate events since it fits a taste for the new, novel, and noteworthy. If you need a little something for everybody, it’s a place to contemplate.

About Firebrand Event Productions

Firebrand designs events to captivate. We are a corporate event design, destination management, and logistics firm driven by experiential journeys and real-time stories.

Through architecture, fabrication, design, and more, our expert talent weaves the senses into seamless moments. Create a tasteful, memorable event, contact Firebrand.


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